Video Marketing Strategy No Longer an Option – Here’s Why

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Video Marketing Strategy No Longer an Option – Here’s Why – You have to be considering a video advertising strategy in your enterprise.

Do you ever sense like your enterprise has plateaued? Does it feel as though your organization is stagnant–adore it’s no longer getting anywhere anytime soon?

If so, you’re no longer by myself. Running a small business is tough, and many commercial enterprise proprietors feel the same way. Not to be a Debbie Downer, however eighty% of small companies fail inside the first five years. Sometimes, it could be easy to experience discouraged about your small enterprise.

But video marketing just is probably the solution to show matters round.

The advertising landscape is converting; it no longer contains the equal surroundings we loved two decades, ten years, or even a couple of years ago.

If your small business isn’t doing nicely, it can be time to reevaluate the playing discipline and spot what new marketing strategies you want to implement. And video marketing is something you sincerely cannot forget if you want to see your small commercial enterprise develop.

Here are the pinnacle four reasons you want a stable video marketing method.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Video Marketing Strategy

1. People Watch Videos.
With the advent of platforms like YouTube and Netflix, human beings have turn out to be used to looking videos in their everyday lives. During one-third of the time humans spend online, they’re looking movies. Almost five billion films are watched on YouTube every day. And the average Netflix subscriber watches 1.5 hours of content every day.

People have also end up used to using videos to assist them make decisions about which merchandise to buy.

Ninety% of clients say movies help them make shopping for selections.
64% of customers usually buy a product online once they’ve regarded a video approximately it.
Consumers are very visually-oriented, so it’s critical to attraction to them on this manner. A look at from HubSpot Research located that this is the manner your clients want you to speak to them. 54% of clients want to peer videos… and that variety outweighs their desire for every other sort of content material.

As a business proprietor, it’s your task to provide the humans what they need.

By 2019, Entrepreneur predicts, 80% of all on line content might be video.

That wide variety should be extra than enough to convince you that if you need a corner of the Internet, at the least a part of what you positioned out must be video content.

And more than just Netflix or YouTube. These structures have been created mainly for video content material, and not anything else. So you need to branch out to be unique. Think about the possibilities other social media structures present to your business.

Video content is famous on each one in every of them, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter. Videos are essential no matter what channels you’re the usage of to funnel your marketing efforts.

Facebook, for instance, is proper behind YouTube in relation to in which people are ingesting their video content. And a Facebook government–Nicola Mendelsohn, vice chairman of European, Middle Eastern, and African operations–even anticipated that during 5 years, Facebook will be all video.

That prediction may be a bit intense. But it’s miles proper that video content is handiest turning into extra vital.

2. Everyone Else is Doing it.
When you have been a kid, you may have used this line on your mom whilst she wouldn’t let you do something you notion you should get to: “But every body is doing it!” It probably sounded suspiciously whiny and was accompanied with the aid of a big eye-roll and perhaps even a slammed door while your mother necessarily refused.

But you don’t have to apply it to us… we’re providing you with full permission to provide in to the peer stress here. And we think your mom will, too.


Simple: increasingly brands are creating a point to comprise a video advertising method into their average marketing plan. If you don’t cognizance on video advertising and marketing, you and your commercial enterprise might be left in the dust.

We want your commercial enterprise to develop. Your mom probably does, too. And a very good video marketing strategy is the answer.

For instance, MOZ is an SaaS (software as a carrier) agency that’s one of the maximum famous brands inside the industry. Like clockwork, the organisation publishes a video on its weblog every unmarried Friday. The motion pictures are dubbed “Whiteboard Friday.” Each week, a MOZ employee stocks guidelines and procedures for handling marketing, SEO, clients, and greater. The motion pictures get dozens of feedback and plenty of engagement.

Live videos are another essential aspect of many corporations’ advertising plans. On Facebook, you may store the films to your page, so clients can be part of in later in the event that they weren’t round when you went stay.

Our video marketing approach ought to include methods to make your videos without difficulty handy to each person.

Beauty organisation Sephora does a wonderful activity of this. They frequently host Facebook live films, in which they invite an influencer to sit down and chat about beauty trends. The films are casual, informal, and popular. Sephora additionally publishes shorter films with chunk-size pointers for applying makeup or the usage of skincare merchandise.

And don’t rely Instagram out. With the rather new IGTV function, it’s simpler than ever to share video content on Instagram, despite the fact that what you need to share will take longer than sixty seconds.

Glean thought from the Instagram channel of Food Network, the popular TV channel. They recently uploaded an IGTV video where a few in their staffers have been blindfolded to flavor pizza from distinctive restaurant chains, seeking to guess in which each slice was from… and Food Network’s 7 million fans loved it. Food Network calls this series “Taste Test” and often publishes new episodes.

If big brands like those are taking advantage of the appearance of video advertising, it’s essential which you do, too. Companies like MOZ, Sephora, and Food Network comprehend that video advertising and marketing is the destiny–and greater than that, it’s the now.

3. Videos are Easy to Integrate.
You want a video marketing approach due to the fact you could combine it with all your different advertising efforts, main to a better conversion charge general.

No be counted what other styles of advertising you’re doing, from social media to weblog posts to emails, it’s simple to encompass your video content material with every one.

Let’s begin with Facebook. We’ve already set up that the platform is tailor-made for video content. You can consist of movies on Facebook in two big ways:

Sharing movies as reputation updates
Doing live streams
No count number that you choose to cognizance on, or whether you do both, incorporating motion pictures into your Facebook approach is certainly essential.

A few key things to hold in thoughts:

85% of Facebook users watch videos with the pontificate
Consider growing a video that has words at the screen or closed-captions.
People are 5x more likely to look at films on a cellphone than a laptop pc.
So make certain your content is optimized for cellular viewing.
People click because they see some thing they prefer, peaks their hobby, or sparks interest.
Make certain your thumbnail picture elicits a few kind of emotion. Whether it’s funny, powerful, or stunning, it should make human beings click.

Integrating videos on Instagram is easy, too. From IGTV to stay movies to sharing shorter clips in your profile, this social platform is making it less complicated than ever which will percentage your video content.

Although it could seem a chunk counter-intuitive, you could additionally percentage videos for your blog posts if you have a blog, like MOZ does. The software company consists of a transcript for any viewers who would really like to study alongside.

Tweets that consist of videos get higher engagement than ones that don’t. So make sure to publish your movies on Twitter as properly. You can put up a video in your feed or use Periscope, a video app, for a stay movement.

And in case you need to add the ones videos on YouTube, one of the matters that you have to prioritize is the thumbnail photo. The photo that you need to apply ought to be enticing sufficient to inspire customers to click on the video. This is obviously due to the fact the thumbnail is the primary one which they will see once they kind a certain keyword. As a remember of reality, research say that most users decide whether to look at your video or now not primarily based at the thumbnail.

Adding video content on your website is a fantastic manner to spruce things up. Greeting people with a video as soon as they navigate to your website may be a method of getting their interest. You can use video content in your landing page in multiple massive ways: have a video history (however do that carefully, as it could get overwhelming), or embed a smaller video.

If you need to be the “face” of your business and sense like you’ve got the important air of secrecy, this quick video can be a clip of you speakme. You also can produce a video (animated or non-lively) about your products or services. Or blend collectively clips of humans giving advantageous testimonials about your employer.

A video is a great manner to provide an explanation for a number of facts in a quick quantity of time. And considering humans don’t have lengthy interest spans (the timer begins as soon as they get for your website–you’ve were given seven seconds), watching a quick video may be extra attractive than the prospect of analyzing an extended block of textual content.

Although you may now not have idea about this earlier than, you can also incorporate video content together with your e mail funnels. A have a look at showed that truly mentioning the word “video” inside the problem line of an e mail increased the open rate by using 19%. Often, opening an electronic mail is step one in the direction of turning into a client, so this is an important manner to attain your audience.

The word “video” in an e mail subject line also reduces unsubscribe charges by way of 26%. Videos assist you to maintain more clients.

You want an excellent video advertising approach because you may combine it with all of your different advertising efforts, main to a higher conversion price universal.

Four. Videos Bring Out Your Personality.
Video content material can growth your logo focus, placed a face in your corporation, and show your customers that you have a amusing facet.

Think approximately Geico, for example. When you think about this insurance corporation’s brand, in which does your mind go first: Geico’s coverage alternatives? Their Facebook posts? Or the inexperienced gecko which you’ve probable seen in your TV commonly?

We’re guessing it became the gecko… and there’s a cause for that.

Geico has executed a first rate process of leveraging the energy of video to make certain human beings apprehend their emblem anywhere, every time, and in any context. The coverage agency’s video advertising method has completed wonders for their logo attention.

What precisely is emblem awareness? The time period refers to how nicely a patron can recollect or apprehend a brand. For example, you’d recognise the golden arches anywhere, proper? Whether on a billboard, in a mag, or on the Internet, McDonald’s is one of the maximum recognizable manufacturers round.

But for SMB’s (small and medium agencies), it may be a touch more difficult to cement your brand into people’s minds.

It’s vital, although. Brand awareness plays a massive role in purchaser behavior. In other phrases, if a person remembers you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

The true news: video content material can assist in this region.

Over 1/2 of marketers sense that video is an effective device to growth emblem attention. Images linger in human beings’s minds for longer. Videos interact the senses in a way that the written phrase just doesn’t and may’t.

Videos also can help you put a face–a literal one–to your enterprise.

People connect to people. You don’t want your customers to think about you as a business enterprise. You need them to think of you as a pleasant face, equipped to assist.

Many corporations celebrity their founder or CEO of their films. They might do a livestream with excessive-ranking personnel to expose the faces in the back of the ideas, or a series of brief movies spotlighting numerous personnel to demonstrate the personable aspect of the agency. Much like this clip about an average day in the existence of Virgin Group CEO, Richard Branson.

This is important because it helps clients feel extra of a private connection to the brand and its representatives.

And ultimately, a video marketing method is essential due to the fact motion pictures can show your clients which you have a amusing aspect.

Think about it. Which would you instead have: a dry piece of content material that’s seeking to sell you something, or a video with funny photographs and satisfied, upbeat music?

All sorts of content material advertising are critical. But with the medium of video, you have a combination of sound and visuals that different platforms simply don’t provide–and this could certainly help get your point across.

James McQuivey, a digital marketing expert, has said simply one minute of video content material is the equivalent of one.Eight million words.

And to your clients, that one minute of video content material will probably be a ways greater pleasing.

If you’ve been attempting to find a manner to reveal your target market which you aren’t a dry, stuffy emblem–as a substitute, that you’re a a laugh and exciting one–video content material is the way.

A strong video advertising strategy is vital due to the fact human beings watch movies. Everyone else is doing it. Videos are smooth to integrate on other structures. And movies can outline your emblem’s persona.

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