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Unfamiliar waters are continually intimidating. Especially whilst the waters are a rapidly converting ocean of terminology this is extremely essential for the success of your internet site. Surprisingly, ‘soar charge’ isn’t always the pace at which a ball bounces, and ‘clickbait’ is not used for fishing (it is probably used for phishing though!). Feeling stressed? Worry no greater. We have created the ultimate thesaurus of online advertising and marketing terms especially for small enterprise owners and carrier companies, from our photographer buddies to eCommerce beginners.

After reading our thesaurus you may no longer simplest be capable of understand the web jargon (or should we say…. Onlingo!), you’ll also recognise how to apply it to promote your personal business. You in no way recognize when that pop quiz would possibly pop up!

A/B testing

Comparing two variations of a web page to peer which one performs higher. The distinction between the 2 compared variations (known as A and B) must be unique, as an instance – the color of the ‘Contact me’ button, a title at the homepage, or the duvet image of an photo gallery.

Let’s say you’re a business proprietor: one among your website’s purposes is to make potential customers contact you. You ought to evaluate variations of your Contact web page, in which the touch form or telephone quantity seems in a different design or vicinity.

Alt textual content

A textual description that informs serps about the content material of an image on a internet site. It is extremely vital to go into an alt textual content for every photograph, because it facilitates your internet site rank better on Google.

The letter B The letter B


A frequently up to date website in which an man or woman, a expert or a small business enterprise stocks their studies, guidelines and observations, along side related photographs and links.
For small enterprise owners, running a blog is crucial for both branding purposes and for improving their internet site’s ranking in serps, who adore freshly updated web sites.


Reserving motels, journey, or scheduling a consultation with a provider issuer. For example, in case you’re a photographer, clients can e book your offerings directly in your images website: simply make certain to add Wix Bookings, the closing solution for on-line reservations and bills (bonus: no charges!).

Bounce charge

The percentage of visitors who navigate faraway from a internet site after viewing handiest one web page. If the BR for your website’s analytics is extremely excessive, you would possibly need to improve the content material of your homepage (it’s A/B checking out time!) and make certain all of your internet site’s pages are connected to one another and are easily accessible.


The technique concerning creating a completely unique call and photo for a product or a service-based business, the use of a regular topic in the course of all advertising and sales substances. Branding aims to differentiate your enterprise from competition if you want to appeal to unswerving customers. Make sure both your offline and on line presence have the identical tone and fashion, including your website, commercial enterprise cards, brand and social media channels. More branding pointers can be determined here.

The letter C The letter C


A name or quick rationalization that affords a link, image, an occasion or some other social media post. A caption have to be sharp and witty, completing the element it’s far posted with. It will in large part determine in case your followers click on your publish – or now not.


An beautiful photograph or text with the main reason of attracting attention and encouraging site visitors to click on a hyperlink. In social media advertising and marketing, this may be an example of a very a success caption. Warning: for the sake of your search engine marketing, don’t force it, with the aid of writing delusive captions that aren’t related to the content of your put up. Otherwise, people will depart your web page as quickly as they land on it (see Bounce charge).

Content advertising and marketing

A advertising approach that includes the creation and sharing of precious and relevant content material (which include motion pictures, blogs, and social media posts) to attract a described audience and stimulate hobby in a single’s products or services. To find out greater, see definitions for Blog and SMM, or check out this list of content writing phrases.

Contact shape

An element on a internet site that lets in users to speak with the web page proprietor. It has fields for filling in your name, cope with and type of comment. For small commercial enterprise proprietors, it’s an absolute have to. Make certain to attach your contact form with a cutting-edge email address to receive messages from capability clients.

Conversion rate

The percentage of your internet site’s visitors who perform a preferred motion (e book your services, enroll in your newsletter, buy your merchandise, and so forth.).

CTA (Call To Action)

The element of a advertising and marketing message that persuades someone to carry out the favored movement, as in “Buy now”. For instance, a CTA on a personal instructor’s homepage might lead to their Contact page or another option to book their offerings. You can locate more statistics on CTAs right here.

The letter D The letter D

Domain name

A friendly and noteworthy name this is given to a certain IP deal with at the net. Simply put, it’s a internet site’s address on the sector wide internet. In “www.Wix.Com”, “Wix” is the area call.
For a simply professional on line presence, don’t forget connecting your website to a customised domain with your call or your business name (for instance, johndoephotography.Com). In addition to branding, it’ll enhance your internet site’s search engine marketing. More on selecting a site name right here.

Digital marketing

All the advertising efforts delivered thru digital channels, which include search engines, websites, social media, e mail, and cellular apps. A virtual advertising method includes a web portfolio and website optimized for search engines like google and yahoo, social media presence, a weblog, or even paid advertising campaigns on Facebook or Google.

The Letter E The Letter E

Email signature

A block of text on the quit of an electronic mail message which contains the sender’s call and speak to information. For a greater impact, make certain to add a signature along with your brand, commercial enterprise call, social media profiles and a hyperlink for your on line portfolio.


The buying and promoting of products and services via corporations and consumers over the Internet. Check out the entire eCommerce tick list for starting a web store.


Not the occasion that ends in a wedding, however a metric that measures public stocks, likes and remarks on social media posts. The engagement rate and exceptional let you evaluate whether a post turned into a success and might improve your on-line advertising approach.

The Letter F The Letter F

Fresh content

Updating your website frequently with new content material will improve its SEO rating and will inspire your internet site traffic to come more regularly.


There’s a 99.9% danger you know what it’s miles, however right here’s the definition: Facebook is a really popular social networking internet site that permits users to create profiles, upload pix and video, ship messages and keep in touch with friends, circle of relatives and co-workers.

For small businesses: an irresistible tool for on line advertising. Having a devoted Facebook web page in your commercial enterprise makes it less complicated for ability clients to discover and phone you, in addition to to respect and proportion your work. Here are the modern Facebook capabilities you need to recognise approximately.

The Letter G The Letter G

Golden triangle

In web-design, this is the viewing sample of an internet page created via monitoring customers’ eye activity. This area draws the main recognition of attention and is most likely to obtain user clicks and engagement. The triangle runs from the top left nook of the page to the top right and diagonally down and throughout to the bottom left corner above the fold.

Conclusion: your foremost message, Call To Action (see CTA) and contact details should fall inside this magical location. Learn greater web layout terms right here.


A popular seek engine, as well as a verb that refers to looking the Internet using the Google search engine. See SEO for greater details.

Google My Business

A loose device for agencies to control their presence across Google. By verifying and editing your enterprise records, you could help clients discover you and tell them the story of your enterprise.
If you have a physical region (pictures studio, resort, shop, and so on.) it’s miles extraordinarily critical to make sure your business’ call, cope with and speak to details are all updated. This is important for your local SEO efforts.

Google Analytics

A powerful net analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. Check your internet site visitors regularly, be it after sharing an image on social media, running a paid marketing campaign, or clearly on a weekly foundation. Check out the “Audience” segment to study your site visitors, “Behavior” to apprehend what kind of content material engages them the maximum, and “Acquisition” to assess your paid campaigns and general traffic resources. Get the whole Google Analytics manual for absolute novices.


A social networking platform with the aid of Google. Not very a hit in phrases of popularity, but crucial for improving your internet site’s rating in Google’s seek results. If you’re marketing your enterprise in social media, it’s well worth to make investments a further few minutes on sharing your content on Google+ as nicely.

The Letter H The Letter H


A word or word preceded by a pound sign (#), used to become aware of messages on a selected topic. They are extremely useful for promoting content material on social networks, especially Instagram and Twitter. Read our guide on the way to use hashtags in social media. Bonus tip: every time you proportion a photograph on Instagram or Twitter, make sure to use relevant hashtags to grow the post’s publicity beyond your followers. Creating a specific submit for a trending hashtag is continually a very good concept.


A Hypertext Markup Language used to create web pages, HTML5 being the contemporary and most sophisticated version. Luckily, you don’t want to realize a unmarried line of code to create an HTML5 website or any website for that depend – the Wix Editor has were given you included.

The Letter I The Letter I


A individual who has the strength to persuade many human beings, mostly thru social media, in a particular discipline or expert area. If your Instagram (or Facebook/Twitter) profile is extraordinarily popular, you might be contacted through manufacturers concerning paid posts to sell their message or product in the context of your channel.


A famous online picture sharing and social networking platform. For photographers: your closing move-to on-line marketing channel. Make positive you’re properly familiar with the 7 Instagram guidelines each photographer should know.

Internal linking

A hyperlink on a web web page that results in another web page, photo or record inside the identical website. On top of enhancing navigation, treasured internal hyperlinks enhance your internet site’s SEO.

The Letter J The Letter J


Not the espresso, nor the island in Indonesia, however a kind of coding language. It has been replaced with the aid of HTML5 on all Wix web sites for greatest performance.

Jabba the Hutt

A fictional person and antagonist in the Star Wars franchise created through George Lucas. (Just checking in case you’re nonetheless with us)

The Letter K The Letter K


In search engine optimization: a two to 5 phrase sentence that describes what your business or internet site is ready. Keywords make it viable for people to locate your internet content (web page or social media debts) thru serps. Learn the magic of finding the perfect keywords in your website.

Landing web page

A standalone internet web page distinct from your essential internet site that has been designed for a single targeted objective (promote a product, invite to an occasion, and so on.). For example, if you’re jogging an marketing campaign with a special offer (i.E. 20% early hen bargain for Valentine’s Day), it’s higher to create a committed landing web page, with a clear description of the offer and an appealing call to motion (see CTA). Don’t understand in which to start? You can without problems create a free touchdown web page with Wix.

Layout (or Gallery)

The manner images for your website are showcased. Discover 10 web design secrets and techniques for a knockout internet site right here.


A social networking site designed particularly for the enterprise community. It’s regularly an neglected social platform, which you may simplest gain from. Here’s our precise guide on a way to be a LinkedIn superstar.

Local SEO

An online advertising and marketing technique, in which a website is optimized for selling services or products to its neighborhood audience.


A picture representation or a image of a commercial enterprise name, frequently uniquely designed for brief reputation.It is recommended to observe logo layout traits inside your area of expertise. This emblem maker will make sure that your business is appropriately represented.

The Letter M The Letter M

Meta tag

A snippet of textual content that describes a web page’s content material. Meta tags don’t appear at the page itself, however most effective in the page’s code, telling serps what a web web page is set. Make sure to update the meta tags (search engine marketing identify and SEO description) for each of your internet site’s pages. Include your cognizance key-word and location for higher consequences.


A branded content web site that lives out of doors of the enterprise’s essential internet site. For photographers: with Wix Photo Albums you may create a accessible microsite for your clients in a click on. They can get right of entry to their committed internet site, and without problems proportion pix with their buddies and cherished ones. The album can have your branding on it – a win-win for both facets. Did we point out it’s completely unfastened?

Mobile friendly

Smartphones can be guy’s new pleasant friend, however the actual meaning of this time period relates to the benefit of use of a internet site from a cell tool, in particular the small screens of iPhones, Samsungs and their opposite numbers. Calling all small enterprise owners: your internet site must be cellular-pleasant, as that’s how maximum of your ability customers may be looking for you. Worry now not – it’s smooth to enable the mobile-pleasant version of your internet site.

The Letter N The Letter N


A regularly disbursed e mail booklet that is commonly about one most important topic of hobby to its subscribers. You can offer your website traffic the choice to join a e-newsletter, in which you’ll share news, special gives, stunning pics, or whatever that might hobby your audience and grow their loyalty. It’s called e-mail advertising and marketing, and you can do it at once out of your internet site dashboard with Wix Email Marketing!


Interacting with other people to change statistics and expand contacts, mainly to in addition one’s career. Social media has definitely made it easy to hold connections almost effects. As they say – you want mine, and I’ll like yours. Still, keep in mind that offline networking is no much less crucial. Be it a photo shoot stylist, a wedding clothier, or only a happy patron – they are all extraordinarily treasured contacts to have both online and offline.

The Letter O The Letter O

Online portfolio

A compilation of 1’s work in digital shape. The purpose of an internet portfolio is to offer a potential client a sense of who you’re, what you can do and whether or not you meet their expectations.
For photographers and architects: an absolute ought to-have inside the digital technology. The chances of getting employed with out a web portfolio are as low as the publicity of a pitch-black image.

Organic visitors

Traffic that comes to your website due to unpaid search results. The foremost reason of optimizing a website for engines like google (SEO) is to pressure as much loose traffic to a website as viable.

The Letter P The Letter P

Paid directories

An on-line listing or catalog of web sites that have an enlistment fee.


A web analytics metric defined as the entire variety of pages viewed on a internet site within a given amount of time. This metric might also indicate whether your website site visitors are engaged sufficient with the content to discover it similarly than the homepage. The better your Pageviews variety is, the higher.


A social media platform that permits customers to prepare and share pics and videos from around the Web. Users create pinboards in distinct classes and shop their respective content.
From sharing original thoughts for a photoshoot to wowing viewers along with your most beautiful snap shots – Pinterest customers can without difficulty appeal to new site visitors to their internet site. Here’s how a small enterprise could make the maximum of what Pinterest has to offer.


Stands for Pay-Per-Click, a version of internet advertising in which advertisers pay a price whenever considered one of their advertisements is clicked on. Running a PPC marketing campaign on Google or Facebook can grow your consumer reach, however calls for an intensive look at that allows you to make the investment in paid advertising and marketing worthwhile.

The Letter Q The Letter Q

QA (Quality Assurance)

A way of stopping errors or defects in manufactured products or in this example, on-line offerings. Before publishing your website or sending a e-newsletter, show it in your near friends or every body whose opinion you believe. Ask them to navigate through the website, assessment the content, comply with the links, and provide you with sincere feedback. If an mistakes is noticed, it’s higher that your pals discover it, and no longer your capacity customers.

The Letter R The Letter R


In search engine marketing, rating refers to a website’s function in the search engine results web page. Ranking relies upon on extra than two hundred elements like content relevance to the search term, or the quality of links pointing to the page. Learn how to rank higher with Wix SEO Wiz right here.

Referral traffic

These are site visitors for your web site that come from direct links on different web sites rather than directly or from searches. Referral traffic will increase the “web page rank” of your blog, which boosts its function in Google’s seek consequences.

One manner to reap referral site visitors is through writing a evaluate on your blog approximately a service or product, after which offering that logo to add a hyperlink on your article on their web site. Traffic from social networks also counts, thus adding a Facebook “Like” button in your website or weblog can improve referral visitors by means of 50%.

RSS (Rich Site Summary)

An Internet generation preferred that allows human beings to receive updates to internet-primarily based content material of hobby. If you have a blog, ensure to feature an RSS button, so that your readers can get your updates automatically in their RSS feed.

The Letter S The Letter S

search engine marketing (Search Engine Optimization)
An region of internet site development that seeks to enhance the site’s visibility in search engine consequences. SEO techniques consist of enhancing a internet site’s content material, navigation, User Experience, external and internal links, and extra.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

A form of digital advertising that makes use of social networking web sites as a channel to attain current and potential customers. The goal of SMM is to provide content that customers will share with their social community to help a organization boom brand publicity and expand their consumer reach. Learn the way to create a content strategy for social media.

The Letter T The Letter T

Target target market

A particular organization of humans, identified because the intended recipient of an advertisement or message. Your website content material, social media hobby and another form of advertising should be addressed to your audience.


A written or spoken recommendation of a service or product from a formerly happy consumer. Testimonials can growth your conversion with the aid of extra than 50% (that’s the distinction between sure and no). Ask customers to jot down a review of your services, and upload it to a dedicated tips section for your website. Video testimonials paintings even higher than textual ones.


An on line news and social networking internet site, which allows customers to put up brief messages up to one hundred forty characters (aka tweets). It is a beneficial advertising tool in case your paintings is relevant in real time, as an example – photojournalism.

The Letter U The Letter U

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Simply positioned, it’s the address at which a website is observed. The URL consists of your domain name (see Domain Name) and your extension (.Com, .Net, .Photo, .Org, and so on.).

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

A element that differentiates a product or a carrier from its competition, consisting of the lowest value, the very best nice or the first-ever of its kind.

UX (User Experience)

This refers to someone’s feelings and attitudes about the usage of a selected product, system or service. Make sure your website affords an gold standard user enjoy. We just show up to have a newbie’s manual to learning UX right here.

The Letter V The Letter V

Video advertising

Thanks to the latest integration of video in popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, video is the most promising type of content advertising inside the final couple of years.
Wix Video is the high-quality tool to showcase your films and the ones extracted from extraordinary platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook) to your website in an clean and simple technique.

The Letter W The Letter W


In the web international: a image or a layout embedded into a virtual highbrow assets (consisting of a picture) to identify its originator or owner. For photographers: to show which you are the proprietor of an image and to avoid on-line image robbery, it’s miles endorsed to guard the images you submit on line with a watermark. Here’s how to without difficulty watermark and protect your photos.


A connected institution of pages on the World Wide Web seemed as a single entity, commonly maintained via one person or an company and committed to a single topic or numerous carefully associated topics.
For photographers: see Online Portfolio.


A cloud-primarily based web development platform that permits users to create HTML5 websites and mobile web sites through using on-line ‘drag and drop’ tools. In other phrases, it’s a user-pleasant website builder which lets in you to create a lovely internet site without writing a single line of code. And it’s loose!


Well, it’s now not related to internet advertising and marketing, however we couldn’t discover a word starting with an ‘X’. Didn’t you always want to understand what a xenopus is? Apart from being a beneficial phrase for scrabble, xenopus is a sort of an aquatic frog native to sub-Saharan Africa, broadly used as a version organism in organic studies.

The Letter Y The Letter Y


A video sharing provider that permits customers to look at motion pictures posted through other customers and upload videos in their personal. Learn a way to start a a hit YouTube channel on your biz now!

The Letter Z The Letter Z


See Xenopus

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