How to Use Hashtags to Build Your Brand and Get More Followers

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The quantity image, pound key on your cellphone, tic-tac-toe grid. Whatever you need to call it, this person is greater typically known as the hashtag nowadays. While it wasn’t void of use-cases earlier than, it wasn’t till its rise in popularity on Twitter that allowed the symbol to develop into what it’s miles these days inside the world of social networks. Hashtags permit you to find and develop your audience, make your content more easily located on social networks, be a beneficial useful resource in marketing campaigns, and extra.

Below, we’re going to fill you in on what the hashtag is and how to use them on social networks like a md!

What is a hashtag?

Put truly, a hashtag is genuinely america pound sign or range image. The hashtag, as it’s referred to today is likewise the equal, however it’s observed by a word or word with out areas, punctuation markers, or special characters. It’s used to spotlight a social post or to discover different posts that use the identical hashtag.

While Twitter didn’t immediately embrace the use of the hashtag, it began to take off among the platform’s customers at some point of the San Diego Witch Creek Fire of 2007, while #sandiegofire become used to maintain people up to date approximately the happenings and evacuations taking vicinity.

Now, hashtags are used to assist a submit on social media stand out and get determined by means of masses of people, no matter whether they’re “following” you or no longer. In that experience, hashtags are a form of typical language that go beyond the ordinary boundaries of what non-followers can see from a social handle.

Why are hashtags vital?

Hashtags let you reach the those who want to see the content you’re producing and let you locate the niche community you’re interested by.

For example, in case you’re a movie reviewer and also you need to percentage your contemporary review of Midsommar on social media, it would be a clever film to feature the name of the movie in hashtag form. This will let others trying to find the identical hashtag locate your social posts more effortlessly.

Since Midsommar is a horror movie, any fan of the style may be interested in your publish, although they were not in particular looking for that movie title. Adding #HorrorMovies to the social post as nicely allows you capture that extra buzz.

The Tweet in your movie evaluate could look like this:

My overview of #Midsommar is out! Check it out right here! #HorrorMovies linktourblog.Imafakeurl

Don’t pass overboard, even though! Once you get an concept of a way to use hashtags, it can be smooth to head overboard with them. We’ll element the correct number of hashtags in step with social community underneath. In the meantime, simply recognize that for some channels, less is more.

Hashtag sorts

As mentioned above, including hashtags to your social posts let you get your content visible by those searching for that hashtag — and that they don’t need to be following you to do so. That said, there are a couple of sorts of hashtags to be looking for.

Content hashtags: Hashtags which can be intently related to the content of your social posts.

Trending hashtags: Hashtags which are being used by numerous users at a certain time.

Brand-particular hashtags: Hashtags which are utilized by a emblem for branding or advertising campaign purposes.

How to correctly use hashtags on social networks

Hashtags are not dealt with similarly across all social networks, even though a majority assist hashtags. Below, you’ll find out how to properly use hashtags on social networks, as well as the perfect range to apply consistent with post.


Twitter is the region that hashtags got their begin, so it may be assumed that it’s k to apply them in extra. Well, you’d be sorely wrong. The best number of hashtags in keeping with Tweet is 1-2. Placement of hashtags is as much as you, however. They can be delivered to the stop or integrated into the Tweet itself.


Hashtags on Instagram may be used greater liberally than on Twitter. In fact, it’s pretty plenty the expectation. The optimal number of hashtags to apply is anywhere from nine-15, however 11 seems to be the candy spot for many money owed.

Also in contrast to Twitter, placement of hashtags in Instagram posts is a bit more crucial. While you really can contain hashtags into your posts, it’s not suggested or practiced too often. Many upload area among their submit caption, and then add the hashtags in addition underneath, or upload a remark with the hashtags. You also can add hashtags inside your Instagram bio as well, if you so pick out.


For Pinterest, you can use anywhere from 1-20 hashtags. In fact, you can’t upload any greater than 20. Hashtags are displayed in the Pin’s description, and depending at the length, may be hidden. Don’t worry, although – they’re nonetheless doing their component and generating attention for your put up.

Facebook and LinkedIn

You can maximum without a doubt use hashtags within both Facebook and Instagram, but there isn’t much advantage. However, if you do choose to, you must stick around 1-2 hashtags per publish.

Hashtag Inspiration
There are quite some equipment to locate the ideal hashtags, however earlier than we soar into the ones, here are more than one other locations you may get proposal.


If you’ve achieved sufficient research on your enterprise throughout socials networks, you’ll probable have determined influencers that cater to an target audience that’s much like yours. Go thru their feeds and check out the hashtags they use of their posts. It’s critical to take note of the niche hashtags which might be rather particular – yet extremely applicable – for your industry or content material. The overuse of typical and very popular hashtags will simplest get you misplaced in a sea of similar posts.


If you’ve already identified the influencers in your enterprise, you have to be more than a touch acquainted with your opposition. There’s an awesome risk that the content they’re generating won’t be too a long way off from your very own. Look to their posts and discover particular hashtags that perhaps you wouldn’t have notion of and try them out.

Find similar posts

Technically speakme, similar posts could be both competitor or influencer posts. That stated, if you have a hashtag which you recognise you’re going to apply within one among your social posts, seek that hashtag specifically and notice if there’s a sample to the way it’s used. You might be surprised with the aid of what you locate.

Hashtag Tools

There are a selection of hashtag equipment that you could use at the internet. Check out a number of our favorites below.

Hashtagify Me (Twitter)

If you’re seeking to dive in deep to discover the right hashtag or studies modern-day trending hashtags, Hashtagify.Me is a exceptional location to do both. The essential web page will come up with options to select from. You can either input a hashtag and search for similar ones, or you can type or paste your whole tweet into the quest box to get recommendations for appropriate hashtags. This is best a partially free provider, so you’ll only get the full power of Hashtagify.Me if you subscribe to a paid plan.

All Hashtag (Instagram)

All-hashtag.Com is any other notable device to do some exploring to find the quality hashtags in your posts. Upon first entering the web site, you’re supplied with a seek box. Enter a time period or problem, and then pick one of the subcategories that include live, random, and pinnacle. The effects will deliver hashtag guidelines pertaining to your issue, but additionally below the lens of your subcategory. There’s additionally an Analytics page to be able to can help you see the popularity, common hits, and extra on the hashtag you search for. Finally, the Charts page shows the pinnacle hashtags used over the past month, week, day, and all time.

Display Purposes (Instagram)

Display Purposes is one of our favorite hashtag research tools. It’s smooth to apply and may be a effective asset to locating the best hashtags on your posts. There are 3 most important functions of the website online, and all are very insightful.

Search – The cool thing approximately the usual search that you could upload multiple phrases separated through a area and you’ll get hold of a column for each time period, displaying the pinnacle hashtags for every. However, there’s a container above the effects that permits you to without problems copy a mixture of hashtags that span throughout all phrases, and any replica hashtags that are associated with multiple terms may be removed.

Map – Allows you to zoom into a specific place at the map to look famous nearby hashtags within an area. It even suggests the precise place (sans physical address) that the terms are used.

Graph – Lastly is one you’ll have lots of fun with. It’s the graph segment and no longer best will it come up with a few awesome insight to peer how interconnected a few phrases are, however it’s also a laugh to explore, too! We’ll hold with the horror film time period from above to show the utter coolness of this feature.

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