Top Best Memes Ever Funniest of All Time

Top Best Memes Ever Funniest of All Time – If you have seen all the best memes of the past and present and you can affirm that you have a Ph.D. In Memology, you may already have your personal collection of favorite memes, which you use every day to express yourself. As a professional memologist, you’re probably constantly learning new memes and surfing the Internet. In addition, you can create your own photos, which is the perfect domain in the field of memes. However, a professional should know that practice makes perfect, and past creations should not be forgotten! Therefore, we have prepared some old memes from our own collection so you can refresh your memory regarding its origin and meaning.

If you do not mind knowing a little more about the work of your colleagues, we would like to share with you our experience in Memology. Get to know our collection of the best memes of our opinion! Have fun with this, we want you to laugh while you train your meme skills and grow professionally.

PS Please, do not pay attention to the enumeration, every meme here has an equally warm and great place in our hearts.

Top Best Memes Ever Funniest of All Time

Funny Dolan

This black swan in black humor represents a simple image of MS Paint by Donald Duck. The first photo with Dolan was published in the summer of 2010 by its author Sakolut on a Finnish platform called Kuvalauta. Nobody had any idea that Dolan’s first, innocent enough meme, is transformed into video and comedy series about a psychotic addict who has feathered sex, drugs and murders.

The subj had originally a bad drawing and a bad English (translation of Finnish), and these details were retained as special features, which now differ this meme from the others. Since Dolan’s English was poorly spoken and popular on social media, some words from his poor language have been widely disseminated; the famous slogan “PLZ”, among other things, became generalized due to him. This meme usually shows the scenes with the characters in Donald Duck’s cartoon, but in a completely new way: dark and sarcastic. Some of Dolan’s memes are fairly simple and appropriate even for children under age, but the real memes should not be shown to sensitive people.

Only adepts of black irony can appreciate the themes that are shown in Dolan’s comic with deep sympathy; So if you have your private hell with sex, drugs and rock and roll, you will definitely fall in love with Dolan and his favorite routines of betrayals and murders. Or you’ve been one of the fans of this comic since its appearance … and if so, we’re scared of you.

The Great Story of the Memes has many pictures that can be seen, but Confused Travolta is one of the most notable examples. This meme is based on a cut of the movie Pulp Fiction with John Travolta. The film was released more than twenty years ago, but it does not prevent it from receiving a new wave of attention due to the creativity of some people.

The GIF with Vincent Vega, who makes helpless gestures confusing with the voice of Mia Wallace, became very popular in 2012. One of the users of Imgur, ILikeToWonkaMyWilly, uploaded a GIF animation with Vega bewildered at the bottom of a huge toy store with the caption: “I ask my daughter what she wants for Happy Christmas and she says, “A doll”.

Confused Travolta Funny Pictures

That GIF has spread to all corners of the Internet, gaining the reputation of the most distinctive symbol of confusion. Since the author of this photo shared information on how to create different confusing memes using Sony Vegas Pro, many different GIFs appeared, expressing confusion in different situations, where the only possible reaction would be confusion. To the extent that there really is, we mean, REALLY many cases of bewilderment, the Internet was attacked by the large number of images with various places and Travolta baffled. Several of them are right here!

We are sure you saw that face. We are sure you are trying to imitate this facial expression because it speaks for itself without words. Meet, “Did you not say?”

The famous image shows Nicolas Cage, the man, who could have the most memes with him. “Do not you say?” It’s a meme of rage that portrays the face of another expressive mortal, which is usually used by people in response to an obvious statement. The image was born due to a scene from Vampire Kiss, which appeared in July 2009 on YouTube with the title “Nicolas Cage Freaking Out”. Due to that video, a demotivational screen image appeared with the phrase “Nicolas Cage / Available in Stoic and Batshit Crazy”. The demotivational image supposedly inspired a Reddit LeechHax user to create the first comic with Cage’s contour drawing, and the Internet was flooded with many of the similar images and comics, drawn by the sarcasm worshipers.

Today we can see several meme variants, “Did you not say it?” They include original screen shots of films, outline versions, women’s versions and memes with different ironic statements, not short “don’t you say?” The original is the most striking in our opinion. Which variant seems best for you?

1980 was marked by the second film of the world-famous Star Wars saga – Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. The saga fans can’t even imagine that a few years later a dialogue between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will provide a reason for a large number of memes with these characters.

In the dialogue, Darth Vader tries to get Luke by his side, revealing that he is Luke’s father. The young Jedi refuses to believe in this sad truth and chants “Nooooo!” In response – and his face revealed a variety of pain, fear, and distrust at this time. By the way, Skywalker’s face is often used alone, as a reaction, although images with both characters are more popular.

Row Vader “I am your father” was changed to “Luke, I am your father”, because such a form seems easier to use in countless memes. In addition, memes are not limited by Star Wars plots; people immediately began to associate those memes with unexpected situations or turns in real life, placing their own variants of text instead of the original. We have some lolable examples for you below.

Distracted Boyfriend Meme

The meme of Distracted Boyfriend (a.k.a. Disloyal Boyfriend) began in 2015 when a photographer named Antonio Guillem posted a photo in the iStock database. After two years, one of the Facebook pages, dedicated to progressive rock, posted a photo of Guillem with an ironic message from Phil Collins trying to cheat prog with pop.

This image is highly valued by group customers, and this inspired Instagram users _dekhbai_ to share original blank photos with the words “Mark Friends Who Fall in Love Every Month”. This post finally helped “men peek at women” become real memes because people have seen extraordinary freedom for creativity in the photo. In addition, people find the same photo with the same model on stock resources and make a series that tells the story of the couple with an unfaithful boy and his girlfriend; this series gets a lot of likes and general attention on Twitter.

By the way, there is also a Distracted Girlfriend meme. Have you ever seen it?

Roll Safe Meme

Roll Safe (a.k.a. You can’t X if you are Y Guy) meme is a screenshot that shows the grinning actor Kayode Ewumi, who describes Reece Simpson in the Documentary Hood (BBC) series. Reece Simpson (Roll Safe) tells of his girlfriend, describing him as a beautiful woman with a “good brain”. He pointed to his temple talking about this with a sly smile, and the current screenshot received a lot of attention, because of posts from the Twitter feed @FootyHumor. However, real fame has come to Roll Safe in January 2017, after posting by a Twitter feed named @girlposts. The post contains a screenshot with Reece Simpson and an intelligent phrase “You can’t be lied to if you don’t have a relationship”.

After everything mentioned above, memes have spread on the Internet like fire. It is still used to make fun of giving clear and useless advice.

Confused Nick Young Meme

You have probably seen the same with a big black who is all ‘Waaat? .. “. This image is often accompanied by several question marks, because the face of the guy sends a huge message of perplexity, and the marks improve this message nothing more than perfectly. Someone even uses this photo without knowing who this man is! We should solve this problem.

One person on a popular meme is a famous basketball player Nick Young. He woke up even more popular after an episode of “Thru The Lens”, where he shows up and reveals parts of his daily life. In one of the scenes, he reacts with a questioning look at his mother’s absurd claim. The emotion on his face was so distinctive that it was no wonder that we could not resist the screenshot.

It was easy to get Nick Young memorized – a Twitter thread @WorldStarFunny just placed a sombrero on Nick and signed it with a simple “What? maximum security prison 2 times “. The very first one with the basketball player has inspired many internet users to create similar users.

Thanks to Nick Young, we can now show our emotions to people who are far away from us and usually only see our cold, lifeless texts. Do you have additional questions or lack of understanding? Are you baffled? Remember that there is a confused guy who will solve all your communication problems. Or just will make your conversation more fun


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